Half Moon Hotel l in Alford Lincolnshire

Civil Naming Ceremonies at the Half Moon Hotel

Civil Naming Ceremonies at the Half Moon Hotel Many families and friends wish to celebrate the birth of a baby with a special ceremony. Ceremonies can also be arranged to welcome adoptive children and step-children into a new family. A uniquely designed Naming Ceremony is one way to meet this wish.

Naming Ceremonies offer a dignified and formal chance to:

  • Welcome the child into the family and wider community.
  • Announce the child’s names and maybe give the reasons for the choice.
  • Make promises to nurture and support the child into adult life.
    Invite selected adults to promise to support the parents and child.
  • Reflect on the wonder of birth.
  • Recognise that children are society's hope for the future.

A Naming Ceremony can be arranged by any parent:

  • whether married or not;
  • with or without any spiritual or religious beliefs;
  • from any cultural background.

Your Unique Ceremony

Specially written ceremonies are available with choices to give special meaning to your Naming Ceremony.

You can:

  • choose the promises you make to the child;
  • choose the promises you make to your partner;
  • invite other adults to make promises to the child;
  • include grandparents in the ceremony;
  • refer to absent family and friends;choose frm a selection of poems and readings;
  • give your child a gift to mark the occasion.

    A souvenir record of the ceremony will be signed and presented during the event.